What we do

What we do

Action Udobo is a registered UK charity  supporting the work of the Udobo School, in Montclair, Durban, South Africa.

The Udobo School is a school for children aged 4-6 years who come from low-income families in the southern suburbs of Durban, South Africa.

The school exists to give hope through love and education to children from poor and marginalised backgrounds, whose families would otherwise be unable to give their children the foundational education that is offered in the pre-school environment, thereby, giving these children an equal start to their academic endeavours. In other words, the school’s desire is to take children off the streets and to place them in an educational environment where they can experience hope. They stimulate the children and encourage them to develop to their full potential.

The school’s programme provides for social, emotional, cognitive, intellectual, physical and aesthetic growth through the development of Numeracy, Literacy and Life Skills.

Success with the above will lower the risk of future school failure and give the children hope for a better future.

Action Udobo fully supports this vision of the school and assists financially with school equipment. In the past we have made grants for school books, furniture for a computer classroom and a library. Other grants have helped to keep maintenance and running costs down, by providing two rain water collection tanks, thus reducing the amount of piped water that the school uses. To compliment the physical aspects of the children’s development, we have supported costs for a Jungle Gym and ground preparation work in the school grounds.

We have a good number of supporters in the UK who give generously on a regular basis to support this work and we hold one-off activities to raise additional funds for the school. Two supporters walked the Wainwright ‘Coast to Coast’ walk in the past and other supporters have held ‘South African’ days and a Harp Concert was organised to raise funds. We hope that supporters will continue to be creative with fundraising ideas!